Welding Technologies

Instytut's team of technologists highly experienced in conducting research and development works as well as collaborating with industry, offers a wide range of research and expertise services including assistance in transfer of innovative technologies into industrial practice. The offer includes collaboration and consulting services in solving problems such as reduction of costs, quality and competitiveness improvement of product and manufacture of welded structures.

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  • Laser techniques
    Instytut Spawalnictwa offers research, technology, expertise and advice in the range of laser welding and cutting technologies. Service works are conducted with the use of numerically controlled and robotised stations with CO2 and YAG lasers for welding and cutting two and three-dimensional elements.
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  • Arc welding
    Instytut offers extensive collaboration in welding of steels, aluminium, titanium, copper and other metals with MIG/MAG, TIG, A-TIG, SAW and MMA processes.

  • Preventive surfacing and rebuilding
  • Plasma welding and cutting
  • Brazing, soldering and braze welding
    Instytut offers specialised filler metals, fluxes and pastes for brazing and soldering as well as assistance during their implementation (go to our products page).

  • Resistance and friction welding
  • Robotisation and mechanisation of welding works