INSTYTUT SPAWALNICTWA                                                            

Qualification of industrial enterprises, supervision of structure manufacturing

Instytut Spawalnictwa, on the request of industrial enterprises, after inspection and stating that an enterprise complies with the requirements of PN-87/M-69009 and PN-B-06200 standards, issues a Qualification Certificate which authorises the enterprise to manufacture welded structures in adequate class specified in PN-87/M-69008 and PN-B-06200 standards.

Instytut Spawalnictwa collaborates with SLV Germany (Schweisstechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt) in the scope of preparation and qualification of industrial enterprises in Poland which wish to export welded structures or conduct welding works in Germany and obtain qualification certificate "Eignungsnachweis" issued by German Training and Research Centres SLV. The area of qualification includes construction supervision and/or DIN 18 800 standard as well as manufacture of elements of rail-vehicle in accordance with DIN 6700 standard.

In addition, Instytut Spawalnictwa supervises manufacture of liable structures such as bridges, buildings, pressure vessels, containers etc.

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