Welding equipment

  • Plasma Arc Cutting Units CP-100, CP-200, CP-300
  • Plasma Arc Welding Unit SP-200
  • Vibratory Stabilizer SW03A
  • Microprocessor controllers for resistance welding machines
  • Medium-frequency (NG-15, NG-40) and High-frequency (NG-415, NG-430) transistor generators for induction heating and brazing

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  • Inverter Microwelding Plant For Pressure Welding Mpi - 1001

Welding materials

Instytut offers specialised filler metals, fluxes and pastes for brazing and soldering as well as assistance during their implementation.

  • Silver and brass filler materials in the form of flux core and flux covered rods
  • Silver, brass and copper-phosphoric brazing pastes
  • High-fluoride, low-fluoride and fluorideless-borate brazing fluxes
  • Active soldering fluxes in the forms of fluids and pastes

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